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Meenu Thakur

Artist Name: Meenu Thakur
Place: New Delhi
School: "Suramya", An institution of Performing Art
Website: www.meenuthakur.net
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/meenuthakur123

Email : meenusankalp@yahoo.co.in
Phone : (91) 9910916281 ; 9873696737

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

One of the leading Kuchipudi dance exponents, Meenu Thakur hails from Rajasthan, inducted into dance from childhood, she learnt Kathak for five years before she decided to take up the serious study of “Kuchipudi” the traditional dance style of Andhra Pradesh.

With initial training by renowned guru Smt. Swapnasundari and  Natyacharya Pasumurthy Sitaramaiya, dance has become an integral part of Meenu’s life. With thorough grooming by Padmashri  Guru Jayaramarao and Vanashree Rao, Meenu has blossomed into a  fine exponent of  Kuchipudi dance.

Meenu has flair and grace for an efflorescent dance style like Kuchipudi. Her style represents a combination of the feature of “Purusha Sampradaya” (Original male dance tradition) of  Kuchipudi and its “Anuroopa” (Transformation of the male dance style into female interpretation). She has excellent command over technique and Abhinaya. Dedication and sincerity has been the salient qualities of this gifted danseuse. She is the prominent face of the younger generation, having performed in various national and international fora with aplomb and refinement, she has carved a niche for herself.
“Endowed with grace and charm, a mobile visage and attractive stage presence, Meenu is a devoted dancer and has a fruitful career ahead’’. She is an amalgamation of the grace of Kuchipudi dance style and the intricacies of Kathak dance style.

Professional Qualifications

Learnt Kuchipudi dance from Guru Swapnasundari for 6 years

Learnt Kuchipudi dance from Guru Pasumurthy Sitaramayya for 3 years

Senior disciple of Padmashri Jayarama Rao and Vanashree Rao for the last nine years

Work Experience

Worked as Cultural Coordinator in NDMC Cultural Wing for three years. 

Experience as an Artiste
Actively performing for the last 17 years as a Kuchipudi Artiste
Graded artiste of Doordarshan ('A' category)
Conducted workshops in New Delhi and Gurgaon.
Founder Director of “Suramya” A registered institution of performing arts.
Empanelled artist (Established category) in ICCR
Graded artist of Doordarshan.
Performed on television (DD National and DD Bharati)

Performances in Indian Festivals
Khajuraho Festival
Kal Ke Kalakar Festival
Natyanjali Festival
Konark Festival
Horizon (ICCR) Delhi & Luckhnow
Sidhender Jyanti Samaroh(HYDERABAD)
Pt. Bhatt Smriti Samaroh(JAIPUR)
Kalakshetra, Chennai (TAMILNADU)
Mahabalipuram Festival(TAMILNADU)
Sur Singar Samsad(MUMBAI)
NIMAAD Festival(M.P)
Tyagaraja Festival, DELHI
International Arts Festival (DELHI)
Classical Dance & Music Festival (GOA)
And many more....Performed in almost all States of India

Bahrain, U.K, Brazil, Yugoslavia, South Africa, Re-Union, Zambia, El-Salvador, Panama, Mauritius, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Bhutan. Received applause from public & Press, got appreciative reviews by the dance critics.  

Awarded by Sur Shringar Samsad Title – “SHINGAR MANI”
Awarded The Gold Medal for propogation of Kuchipudi by Aryabhatta Society
Scholarship in Kuchipudi from Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD.
Junior Fellowship from Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD.

Performed at Rashtrapathi Bhavan in 2007 in the presence of Hon’ble President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. 

Late Sh. R. Venkatraman, Former President of India has actively encouraged Meenu to perform at various fora. He was the Patron of the Dance Society administered by her before his sad demise in January 2009.
A Society for promotion of Art, Culture and Indian Dance called “Suramya” is successfully conducting workshops for young learners of Classical Dance.

Latest/present performances
1. Performed with Padma Vibushan Dr. Sonal Mansingh in her Choreography project “Nayikaa” in Central America, New Delhi and Chennai .
2. Performed in Thimpu, Bhutan under the guidance of Padma Shri Guru Jayarama Rao and Vanashree Rao  in the Choreography production under the aegis of ICCR in 2012..
3. Featured on the show “Good Evening India” on Doordarshan National and DD Bharti as a special guest (23 minute exclusive interview) in August 2012
4. Meenu choreographed the kuchipudi cultural programme of the India-Asean commemorative summit hosted by the president of india at Rashtrapati Bhavan in the presence of ten Asian heads of states.
5. Disciples of Meenu Thakur performed in the following events in 2012 under her guidance:
  • Asian gas summit, New Delhi
  • Delhi youth festival, Govt. Of NCT of Delhi
  • India-Asean commemorative summit, New Delhi
6. Meenu Thakur performed at Neemrana at the Neemrana foundation festival in 2013