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Lakshmi Rajamani

Artist Name: Smt Lakshmi Rajamani
Place: Bangalore, India
School: Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center
Website: http://www.classicalkuchipudi.com

Email : lakshmirajamani.1@gmail.com
Phone : (91)8026729044 , 9663396680

Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center
No. 229, “Sri Vallabha” 7th main, 2nd
C’ Cross, Nagendra Block, BSK I Stage,
Bangalore – 560 050, 
Karnataka, India

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

v Smt. Lakshmi Rajamani, a renowned name in Kuchipudi Dance was born in 1953 to Sri Burra Kutumba Shastri & Smt Burra Swarna. Holds a B.A degree from The Andhra University. 

v Started her Kuchipudi dance training at the age of 5 years.

v Stared her training under of Sri Vempati Kodandarama Shastri and continued as the disciple of Sri Vedantam Prahlad Sharma for 20 years.

v First in Karnataka to obtain a Master Degree, M.A. Kuchipudi Dance from Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

v Holds Diploma in Kuchipudi Yakshaganam from Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

v Founder of LAKSHMI KUCHIPUDI CENTER which was established in 1980.

v Has given performances all over India and it is to her credit that her students have given performances abroad.


v Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center has been founded by Guru Lakshmi Rajamani at Bangalore, India in May 1980.

v The institution is involved in training the traditional techniques of Kuchipudi dance since its inception.

v Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center is actively engaged in creating the awareness of the traditional system of Kuchipudi through lecture demonstrations, training students in various institutions, participating in public events and government supported research works.

v Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center focuses on the following:
       Traditional system of Kuchipudi dance
       Lecture demonstrations
       Training disciples in various institutions
       Teaching students for examinations
       Organizing public cultural events
       Research projects

v Institution has trained many students who have performed across the country and abroad.
v Students have given performances in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Nasik, Pune and many other places across India.

v  Disciples of Lakshmi have given performances in Paris and United States of America.

v Performances given from Kannada & Culture Department in Belgaum, Shivmoga, Mysore, Teerthalli, Mangalore, Shirsi, Kolar, Nanjangud, Udupi, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Manipal, Hubli, Davangere, Tumkur, Sringeri, Dharmasthala and many other places across the state.

v  Varsha Bhat and Shubha Desikar were awarded a three year scholarship by Karnataka Sangeeta Nrithya Academy for the first time in Karnataka.

v Students Varsha Bhat, Rekha Nanjundeshwar , Chitra won 1st place in competitions organized by Kannada & Culture Department. Akhila, Ramya, Chaitra have performed in “Chiguru” organized by Kannada & Culture Department.

v Places of performances in Bangalore:
·       Karnataka Nrutya Academy                    
·       Indian Institute of World Culture
·       Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan             
·       Nitya Nrutya Utsava
·       Nrutya Navaratri                         
·       Nrutya Kala Parishat

v Television Programs:
·       Lakshmi Rajamani – Doordarshan Chennai & Bangalore
·       Varsha Bhat – Doordarshan, Bangalore
·        Rekha Nanjundeshgwar – Doordarshan, Bangalore
·        Karpagam – Sun TV, Raj TV
·        Rashmi & Asha – Aralu Mallige, Doordarshan , Bangalore
·       Chitra - Doordarshan Chennai & Bangalore
·       Asha & Suprabha – Diwali Celebrations, Doordarshan, Bangalore.

v Students who have passed exams with first grade conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Government of Karnataka are:

        Junior Grade :
                        Uma, Akhila, Nirmala, Karpagam, Shalini, Ramya,  Soujanya                      
                        Sharmila, Anjana, Namratha, Chaitra Shree, Rashmi, Deepthi, Geetha

        Senior Grade :
                        Uma, Akhila, Karpagam        
Rashmi, Anjana Parashar, Chaitra Shree

        Pre Vidwath  Grade :

v  Rangapraveshams from the institute:
            Smt. Nagini Bharana, Varsha Bhat, Shubha Deshkar                               
            Ashwini Deshkar, Rekha Nanjundeshwar,  Karpagam
            Rashmi Shastry, Kavitha Swaminathan, Chitra, Akhila
            Ramya, Sharmila, Shilpa Aravind, Anjana Parashar 

v She and her disciples were a part of ‘Guinness World Record’ setting event that constituted around 2800 dancers in Hyderabad.

Other works

v Lakshmi Rajamani has been selected by DSERT as a member of Kuchipudi syllabus & textbook committee for junior, pre vidwath and vidwath.

v Also she has been selected as examiner by the Karnataka Secondary Examination Board.

v Participated in many workshops and seminars on Kuchipudi Dance in Mysore, Kasargod and Hyderabad.

v Also has represented Karnataka Sangeeta Nrutya Academy and Kannada and Culture Department as judge for dance competitions.


v   Om Durgayai Namaha
v   Jaganmohana Krishna
v   Almelumanga  Kalyanam
v   Girija Kalyanam
v   Venkateshwara Vaibhavam
v   Naukacharitam
v   Yenkinaidu Baava
v   Also a composition “Buddhana Attagada” was presented by her disciple Chitra at   the Banquet Hall of Vidhan Souda where over 500 foreign visitors were present.


v Govt. of Karnataka has honored her with KARNATAKA KALASHREE in 2000-01.

v She has been awarded with ADARSHA SHRUNGA by Natya Kusumanjali, Bangalore.

v She has received EXCELLENCY AWARD for her contributions in Kuchipudi Dance from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

v Lakshmi Rajamani was honored by the Kuchipudi Bhagavatha Mela in an event organized by Rajarajeshwari Kalaniketan.

Literary works

v Nrutya Darpana – Article titled “Kuchipudi Ugama” , Kannada Sangeeta Nrutya Academy.

v Columns in editions of monthly magazine Kala Spandana, Bangalore.