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Remembering a Legend - Guru Vempati

 "I am.....because of him...."

While I was away on vacation, the world lost one of the greatest living legends of Kuchipudi - PadmaBhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. Anything that is said about him will fall short of what he truly was. Hailed as the architect of Kuchipudi in modern times, he left behind a matchless legacy that will live for eternity. While the void of his physical presence will be felt by one and all, he will live forever in everyone's heart. People will continue to see him in his impeccable choreographies that have re-defined Kuchipudi.

It is one's greatest blessing to know the purpose of your present life on earth. Very few people know the mission assigned to them by God. It's a boon to know what you have come here for and how you must fulfill your mission. Guru Vempati was one such blessed soul who not only recognized his mission but dedicatedly marched towards fulfilling his promise to God. He was a legendary visionary whose name became synonymous with Kuchipudi. Little must he have known when he walked away from Kuchipudi (village) that he was was positioning Kuchipudi on the global stage.

Guru Vedantham Radheshyam garu aptly described Mastergaru as a muvva (anklet bell) of Lord Nataraja which has re-united with the Lord. Our humble and sincere pranams to a Guru who will live forever through his students. Everyone of his students say one and only one thing.... "I am.....because of him...."