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Sneha Sasikumar

Artist Name: Sneha Sasikumar
Place: Thrisur, Kerala
Youtube: Interview

Email : sneha.gvr@gmail.com
Phone : +918297135955   

Jyothis, Chakkamkandom P.O.
Guruvayur, Thrisur
Kerala - 680522                           

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

Sneha Sasikumar is a young talented artist, in the classical dance form of Kuchipudi, with a performing career spanning over 10 years. She is in her fourth semester, Masters in Performing Arts, at the University of Hyderabad. Presently she is a member at International Dance Council (CID) at UNESCO (Register No. 16996) and can offer International certification of Dance Studies to her students. She is also an associate member of ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association) which help individuals with a wide range of psychological disorders achieve greater self expression. She has assisted her Guru (Anupama Mohan) as a tutor, in many of the National kuchipudi workshops ( Natyabhivrudhi workshops 2009,2010,2011,2012)  in which she gave intensive training for more than 500 students so far. She was also a Jury for many dance competitions held in India and abroad including Dhwani 2012

She is deeply interested in Kuchipudi focussing on creativity and innovation. She is also pursuing Post Graduation in Sanskrit, as distant education, as her focus is to bring in the interdisciplinary aspects of Dance and Sanskrit Literature. Presently, she is working on a dance piece which essays the various acts in the famous play ‘Swapnavasavadatham’ written by the ancient Indian poet Bhasa. The intricacies and the combination and permutation of “adavus” ,she feels, can showcase the varied aspects of the work in its true sense. Unlike other classical dance forms not much experimentation has occurred in Kuchipudi. In this project she tries to bring in the power of the play through the prowess technique of Kuchipudi. She has performed over a hundred stages in India and abroad. Besides she has also given lecture demonstrations and art appreciation programmes at various places. Her recent mini thesis is on the descriptions of dance in Kalidasa’s Vikramorvaseeyam which has been presented and highly appreciated in Akhila Karnataka Kuchpudi Nritholsav, Bangalore 2015.


She showed up her talent for dancing from a very young age of four. Initial learning was from Guru Prakash and later advanced learning was from Kalamandalam Rema and Guru Job. She learnt Folk, Kathakali, Bharathantyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattom, and has attended short time classes in Odissi and Manipuri.

Later on she developed a flair for Kuchipudi and discovered that Kuchipudi was her forte. Her thirst for advanced training in Kuchipudi was accomplished when she was selected to The Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai founded by the late legendary Padmabhushan Guru Dr.Vempati Chinna Sathyam, the doyen of Kuchipudi in 2005. There she received intensive training from Guru Vempati Ravi Shankar and Vedantam Ramu also. Ever since, she has been a regular visitor to the Academy learning the subtle nuances of this art style.  In Kerala, she was under the tutelage of renowned Natyavisharada Smt. Anupama Mohan, director of Sathyaanjali Academy of Kuchipudi Dance, Kochi. Presently, she is doing her MPA (masters in performing arts) at Central University, Hyderabad(Kuchipudi–under the tutelage of Dr.Anuradha Jonnalagadda)


  • She was nominated to be a member of International Dance Council (CID) at UNESCO. Presently she is a member at CID(Register No. 16996) and can offer International certification of Dance Studies to her students
  • An associate member of ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association)which help individuals with a wide range of psychological disorders achieve greater self expression.
  • Selected for the Mahabrinda Natyam organised by International Federation of  Kuchipudi Dancers Association(IFKA) and Silicon Andhra at Hyderabad which found entry into the Guinness Book of records  on Dec 26,2010
  • A member of SICA, South Indian Cultural Association
  • She is a graded artist of National Dooradarsan
  • Received National Scholarship to Young Artist by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India 2014.(Rs. 1,2000)
  • Recieved National Scholarship for Sanskrit 2011,2012
  • One among the top 50 candidates who received National Higher education Scholarship from Govt. Of India.( Rs.23000 per year)
  • Won 1st prize in National Kuchipudi competition organised by Adala NrithaKalapeetam, Nellore.
  • She was honoured with “SuvarnaMayuri” award for the best upcoming Kuchipudi dancer which carried a  citation and a cash award of Rs.75000, by Adala Nritha Kalapeetam by Guru Manju Bhargavi
  • Awarded as “Natyamukulam”in the National Natyakousthub Nritholsav, 2013
  • 1st in Bharathantyam in All Kerala CBSE Youth Festival in 2001 and 2003.
  • Bagged 1st prize in Bharathanatyam in All Kerala Sahodaya State Youth Festival  2004,2005
  • Titled as “Kalathilakam” in All Kerala Sahodaya State Youth Festival in 2002.She was Kalathilakam in youth festival 2009 and 2010.
  • Titled as “Kalathilakam”  in Christ King Convent, Thrissur for 3 consecutive years 2006,2007,2008
  • Kalathilakam in St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School for 2 conssecutive years 201,2012
  • Best student In Science and Mathematics award” - St. Josephs H S S
  • Titled “ Star of Vimala” 2013, Vimala College Thrissur
  • School topper in Higher Secondary exam 2010(96%)
  • Topped the certificate course in Kuchipudi from Potti Sriramalu Thelugu University which is the most prestigious university in Andhra(especially for Kuchipudi).
  • Bagged the 1st prize in Kuchipudi in Interzone Arts Fest, 2012
  • 1st prize in Dzone Arts Fest organized by the University of Calicut for two consecutive years 2012,2013

  • Grand Global Launch organised by the department of Tourism and Culture(Govt. of Andhra Pradesh)
  • Uttar Purva Nritya Parva, organized by Sangeet Natak Academy & Cultural affairs (Govt. of Tripura) at Agartala
  • National Tourism Day 2013 organized by Tourism Department,Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
  • At the 12th World Womens Congress 2014 which was held in India for the 1st time(2014) focussing on the theme “Gender in a changing world.
  • In many dance drama productions, by the Department of Dance, University of Hyderbad.
  • Performed many times at Brihan Natyaanjali Festival Tanjore, Nada Neeranjanam by ThirumalaTirupati, Koti deepolsav Festival, Guruvayur temple festival, Chowallur temple festival,P.S.Siddhentra dance college Vizakh, Aranmula Temple festival
  • Kalabharathi  National Young Dance Fest, on World Dance Day 2013, in which she performed Swathi Thirunal Kritis in Kuchipudi, which was much appreciated.
  • Recent project work on the descriptions of dance in Kalidasa’s Vikramorvaseeyam which has been presented and highly appreciated in Akhila Karnataka Kuchpudi Nritholsav, Bangalore 2015


She is a graduate in Chemistry (with 95%), from Vimala College Thrissur, where she was awarded as “Star of Vimala 2013” (which is a competition to find out the best student of the year, conducted by the alumni association of the college). She was selected to attend the National Seminar on Chemistry at KKTM College, Kodungalloor which fetched her extra credits and knowledge. Her team received the “Best team award” for project presentation (Topic: Effects of Fast foods) in the year 2009. She also bagged 3rd prize for project presentation in State Science and Mathematics Fair 2008( held at Kannur, topic : Friendly pests) She was the top scorer for the higher secondary examination,(96%) in her school, St. Josephs H S S, Pavaratty, which bears testimony to her academic excellence.